Service Projects

Service Projects


Rotary Auction

Once a year the Kane Rotary Club partners with another local agency to raise money for a specific project. Thanks to the generosity and support of local merchants and sponsors many projects have been completed with these funds. Recent beneficiaries include the Kane Volunteer Fire Department, The Kane Depot and Preservation Society, Friends Memorial Library, the Kane Community Center and more.


Student Activities

The Kane Rotary Club recognizes students who have leadership potential as well as the balance of their education and extracurricular activities. During their junior year, several vocational education students are nominated and selected to attend ROVA (Rotary Occupational Vocational Award). In addition, two juniors are selected to attend RYLA (Rotary Youth Leadership Award). The club members enjoy hearing about the students experiences at each program. Each month during the school year, the club recognizes a senior class member as “Student of the Month.” A four-year scholarship is also awarded at the graduation ceremonies at the Kane Area High School.


Multiphasic Program

In a partnership with the Kane Community Hospital, the Kane Rotary Club offers two multiphasic blood testing’s a year. The multiphasic tests are performed to serve as an “early warning” health test to indicate if one might have current or potential health problems. This test will aide in the detection of many medical problems including: coronary heart disease, anemia, diabetes, liver disease, and kidney disease. Also offered at the time of a multiphasic screening include the PSA and TSH test.


Adopt-A Highway

The Kane Rotary Club sponsors a section of Route 6 west. Twice a year, Rotarians work together to clean up their section of the road.


Kane Skate Park

The Kane Rotary Club originally provided funding to help build the Kane Skate Park. In 2009, the club donated more money towards the upkeep and repairs for a well used structure.

International Service

The Kane Rotary Club welcomes any international Rotarians to visit our meeting. Club members have enjoyed meeting and learning about various cultures through the Group Study Exchange. The club encourages any interested youth to consider the student exchange program offered through our district. Other International Projects include the clean water project in Haiti, providing additional funds to support other international projects with other clubs.

Palmdale Cash for Cars participated

Other Service Projects

The Volunteer Fire Department, Relay for Life, Special Olympics, Camp JJ, Ludlow Community Association, Streetscape Project, District Governor’s Projects, Police Anti-Drug Campaign, Toys for Tots, Angel Food Ministry, Kane Community Center, Kane Community Hospital, the Kane Depot and Preservation Society, the American Red Cross, Art in the Wilds, Friends Memorial Library have been benefitted by the Kane Rotary Club.